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Once the original name of Yarrambat (which means “high hills” in the local indigenous dialect), Tancks Corner is now the title of a smart, popular café attached to the Yarrambat post office.

A three-pronged business that, alongside food, coffee and mail, also sells a meticulously selected range of homewares, Tancks Corner defies the odds and handles its three disparate strains with deft confidence. The success, it seems, may well come down to family ties.

Husband and wife team Suzy and Chris Guy are the driving force behind the business, Chris having a hospitality/coffee background while Suzy’s experience has been in wholesale homewares. They’re the kind of detail-focused operators who make the whole thing seem simple and it’s this easy-going (but very efficient) atmosphere that’s a big part of Tancks Corner’s charm.

Suzy’s mother Jane runs the post office and owns the land that Tancks Corner (and its handy car park) occupies, and her younger brother Steven, a builder, was responsible for the café construction three years ago.

It’s a light-filled, spacious building that includes a classic Aussie wraparound verandah with great views, and an assortment of salvaged, restored doors and windows that bring an added level of history and texture to the timber-floored room.

Pride of place on the white-tiled counter is given to the sky-blue La Marzocco espresso machine, where Chris Guy does his best work using Allpress coffee.

It wouldn’t be silly to come here just for the coffee (and perhaps sweet stuff from the glass display cabinet, such as pear, caramel

and ricotta muffins or strawberry and almond tart) given that it’s flavoursome and punchy without being bitter. But, as the constant crowd attests, the food has its own following, too.

Excellent ingredients – Jonesy’s milk, free-range eggs and pork, Meredith goat’s feta and La Madre bread are the building blocks for Tancks Corner’s two-page menu that includes breakfast, lunch and appealing kids’ choices.

Breakfast includes house-made crumpets and eggs served with everything from chorizo to potato gratin, while at lunch there are winning combinations such as pretty zucchini, corn and haloumi fritters served with chilli jam, a basil-flavoured cream and a scattering of edamame, or robustly flavoured pulled-pork tacos served with avocado salsa and Kewpie mayo. There are also some simple but appealing toasted pide sandwiches.

With the quality of its offering – in both food and service – Tancks Corner is the sort of place you might more readily associate with inner Melbourne. Add the semi-rural views and the friendly country atmosphere and it’s a formula that’s hard not to love.

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